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The Social Studio Media Loft in Berlin stands for change, intensity and creativity - and that in the heart of the city. As a former production space in an old factory building in Kreuzberg, the Social Studios Media Loft with 260m² is the perfect location for cool and creative events or productions. You can rent the loft flexibly, from one hour to several days - we support you if needed and work together on your vision.


Venice, the Canal Grande. Paris, the Boulevards. New York, the High Line-Park. Berlin? The Maybach Shore. This is where you can truly take a dip into the city‘s essence. And get to know the type of people who inhabit it.

We all love a good crowd. But, we all equally love to take it back to a private place, with just the inner circle. Let all the impressions sink in, have a chat and be undisturbed.

We got just the right place for that.

Our event location with Berlin’s original, industrial character spreads over 260 square meters. Lar- ge enough for you to gather all your favorite people and let them shine. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a sleek party, a fancy cocktail session or an intimate exhibition or lecture — our space takes your ideas to the next level and adds that extra drop of Berlin flavor.

A bright and inspiring atmosphere is created through large lattice windows and high-class furnitu- re, an open kitchen and panoramic views at an urban scenery.

But, most importantly: there’s plenty of room. We un-crowded the space so that you can crowd it with yours ideas and your people. 


You have the idea and the passion,
but you could still use some support for bringing your project to life?

We're here to help and advise — just talk to us for any event planning or content production matters!